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CHARACTER NAME Steven Universe (itsmesteven, Steven Universe)
Age 14
Gem Rose quartz
Permissions Please contact me regarding anything that might be too much for a 14 year old. This includes romantic physical touch and extreme violence. For the most part I want Steven to experience everything, but part of what's essential about him is his innocence.
NOTES I'll be doing my best, but I am kinda new to DWRP. If you see me doing something weird or wrong, please let me know!
Healing Steven is able to heal gem and human using his spit. He must be confident and believe in himself to be able to accomplish this, and it isn't uncommon that he loses this power from time to time. It is unknown if this power works on inanimate objects. Currently, Steven is able to heal small cuts, bruises and other similar minor injuries.

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Character Name: Steven Universe, sometimes mistakenly called Rose Quartz.
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon Point: S4E7
Type: Canon character
Age: 14

History/Key Points:

Steven Quartz Universe is the child of human man Greg Universe and sentient gem woman Rose Quartz. Rose gave up her physical form in order for Steven to be born. Steven is the only known human/gem hybrid.

Steven lived with his dad in Beach City during his younger years, a time which was no doubt full of learning experiences for Greg, a first-time single father. But he had the Crystal Gems to help him: Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. They were all that remained of Rose Quartz' army that fought oSteven acts the way he looks, like a young boy. He is excitable, prone to sudden fanciful ideas, and innocent. He's ver 5,000 years ago to save the Earth from the Diamonds, the leaders of the gem homeworld. Together, Greg and the Gems built a beach house for Steven around the entrance to the Crystal Temple, where the Gems lived. Once the beach house was built, Steven, now 12 years old, moved in with the Gems.

At first, he appeared and acted as a normal human boy, just with a gem instead of a belly button. Over time he began manifesting gem powers and gaining enough control to use them at will. The Gems started to take him on missions, where he did well, even if he did touch things too much. He met Connie, a friendless reader wishing for adventure, and Lion, a pink lion with a pocket dimension accessible by Steven through his mane.

Pearl inadvertently introduced Steven to another gem, Lapis Lazuli, by giving him the mirror Lapis' gem was attached to. While Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl reacted with fear and aggression to the revelation that the mirror's gem was a person, Steven only wanted to be friends. When Lapis stole the ocean, Steven went to her and healed her cracked gem with his healing spit. Whole again, Lapis' wings appeared and she flew off into space.

For a while things were quiet. Steven continued to progress as a gem and as a human. His mother was often on his mind, and he struggled to know what to make of her and how everyone talks about her. He learned about fusion and was somehow able to fuse with Connie, forming Stevonnie and shocking everyone. Garnet was absolutely thrilled, and sent Stevonnie out to have a good time. They went to a rave where they met Kevin, who didn't take no for an answer until they finally unfused.

The quiet doesn't last though, and the Crystal Gems discovered a gem, Peridot, attempting to reestablish the Homeworld Warp. They received a warning from Lapis, that a gem was coming from Homeworld, and she wasn't alone. When the ship from Homeworld arrived, Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst were taken captive. Steven freed them all and Garnet took down Jasper by throwing her into the ship's core. Unfortunately, that crashed the ship, but Steven is able to protect them all with his bubble. Jasper appeared from the wreckage and forced Lapis to fuse with her, forming Malachite. Fused, but still able to control water, Lapis dragged Malachite deep into the ocean as the Crystal Gems watched in horror.

In the aftermath, Steven struggled with how to keep Greg and Connie safe from the danger that surrounded him. Ultimately Connie convinced him to tell her what happened and he decided not to cut them out after all. Connie began taking sword lessons from Pearl, who taught her to consider herself nothing and Steven everything. Steven objected, saying he planned to fight beside Connie, and together they convinced Pearl that they would fight together.

The Crystal Gems tracked Peridot to the Kindergarten, a gem birthplace. There Steven and Garnet found fused shards of Crystal Gems, a discovery that thoroughly horrified all the Gems and almost paralyzed Garnet. While the Gems were distracted by the fused shards, Peridot escaped. The Gems searched the ocean for Malachite, but eventually they gave up and all but Garnet tried to sleep. Lapis appeared in Steven's dreams and he was able to communicate with her. She stubbornly insisted that she could handle being Malachite and holding Jasper under the ocean, but Steven worried for her greatly. Pearl eventually located Peridot and the Gems followed her to a derelict ship where she tried to kill them. Failing, she narrowly escapes the Crystal Gems.

Now on the offensive, Peridot kidnapped Steven and tried to force him to fix the Homeworld Warp, but the rest of the Crystal Gems quickly showed up and rescued him. Peridot was poofed and bubbled until Steven released her to get information. She took him back to the Kindergarten where she showed him information on The Cluster, a huge number of gem shards forced together and buried in the center of the Earth. When The Cluster formed, Peridot explained, the Earth would be destroyed. The Crystal Gems and Peridot began construction on a drill intended to be used to stop The Cluster from forming.

While the drill was being built, Steven turned 14. Once it was finished, the Crystal Gems and Peridot traveled to the Moon Base to determine the location of The Cluster. While there, Peridot stole a Diamond Communicator. Back on Earth, Steven attempted to take the Communicator, but Peridot succeeded in contacting Yellow Diamond. However, the conversation does not go how anyone expected it to; Peridot stood up to Yellow Diamond and told her that the Earth is a place worth saving. When Yellow Diamond insisted on the Earth's destruction, Peridot insulted her and cut off the communication. Steven, who had watched the whole exchange with the other Gems, dubbed Peridot a Crystal Gem.

Steven again traveled in his dream, this time to an island populated with Watermelon Stevens that he had created some time before. He saw that Lapis was not able to keep Malachite locked under the ocean, and The Crystal Gems minus Steven went to confront her. Steven went back to sleep and inhabited another Watermelon Steven. He riled up the other Watermelon Stevens, who provided enough distraction that Alexandrite was able to hit Malachite with an arrow. Malachite became Lapis and Jasper again, as an earthquake hit. The Gems told Steven to wake up, take the drill down, and save the world. Steven awakened and with Peridot began the journey to The Cluster.

When the drill reached The Cluster, Steven was able to feel it somehow. Concentrating on that, he was able to enter The Cluster's mind. He convinced the shards that make up the cluster to find company in each other, and not to form. When The Cluster began to form uncontrollably, Steven bubbled all the shards he could, not giving up hope. Amazingly, the shards began bubbling each other, and Steven was able to create one big bubble all around The Cluster.

After saving the Earth from The Cluster, life returned to relative normal for Steven. He discovered a new power, floating, and learned to control it with his emotions. Steven and Connie saw Kevin again, and as Stevonnie end up losing a car race to him. During the course of the race, they learned how to deal with what happened at the rave without being obsessed with Kevin. Steven's healing spit returned and he attempted to heal the Centipeetle, but he was only able to heal her part of the way, temporarily. Still, it was the most healed the Gems have seen for a corrupted gem, including when Rose had tried.

Steven retrieved a gem called Bismuth from Lion's pocket dimension. He learned that without telling anyone, Rose stored Bismuth away because Bismuth had created a weapon intended to shatter gems. Bismuth attacked Steven, believing him to be lying about not being Rose because he reacted the same way she had when shown the weapon. He poofed and bubbled her, then told the Gems everything.

Jasper appeared a few times. She wanted to fuse with Lapis again, but Lapis refused and used the ocean to punch Jasper into the air and far away. Jasper was next seen taking two corrupted gems. She and one of the corrupted gems attacked Amethyst and poofed her. Steven and Connie fused and sent Jasper packing. Amethyst, Steven, and Peridot visited Jasper's kindergarten where they ran into her again. Amethyst was unable to win the fight until she and Steven fused into Smoky Quartz. Jasper had no chance after that, but she fused with a corrupted gem to try and give herself one. Smokey forced her to unfuse and she began to be corrupted. As the corruption takes over, she blamed Steven for what Rose did to her colony, to her planet, to her diamond, Rose's diamond, Pink Diamond.

Back home, a squad of Rubies visited for a second time. After the last time when Steven sent them to Neptune to look for Jasper, the rubies were fairly irritated. Amethyst shapeshifted into Jasper and told the Rubies she was going to stay to keep the Crystal Gems prisoners. The Rubies accepted this but needed to go to the moon to make their report. While there, Eyeball, one of the Rubies, revealed she had seen Pink Diamond shattered by Rose. Steven reacted with disbelief, unable to conceive of his mother shattering anyone, let alone a diamond. When the Rubies discovered that the communicator was gone, Amethyst as Jasper convinced them to go to Homeworld and file the report for her. Unfortunately, before they could leave, the Rubies saw Amethyst as herself. They fused together to attack, but Steven opened the airlock, where the giant Ruby became stuck. Garnet and Pearl became Sardonyx and knocked her back into little Rubies. Eyeball pulled Steven out with them, and he bubbled himself as he floated out into space. Eyeball sat on Steven's bubble and the two argued. When Eyeball said she wanted to meet Rose, Steven tried to convince her that he was what remained of Rose. She didn't believe him until they went through a meteor shower which cracked her gem. Steven healed her, which convinced Eyeball that he was Rose. She attacked him, and he was forced to expel her from his bubble. In time, the Crystal Gems rescued him. Steven is still concerned about Pink Diamond, and confronted Garnet. She told Steven the truth - that Pink Diamond had to be shattered.

Steven and the Gems returned to Beach City and settled back down in their home where things were relatively peaceful. Steven and Connie return to training, and Garnet assists them with their fusion. She teaches them to accept remembering the past, not to let little things be bigger than they are, and to trust in each other.

Despite being 14, Steven Universe often behaves as a younger boy. He retains his wonder at the world, innocence, and ability to find joy in almost every situation. He is prone to extremes of emotion, whether that be wailing in despair or laughing in delight. Moods can sometimes persist, but usually Steven's emotions change fairly rapidly with his current situation. He is also wildly creative and impulsive.

Steven likes everyone, loves freely, and takes time to help people. It's very important and meaningful to him that he, along with the other Crystal Gems, save the world. Steven likes to think of himself as a hero, and cherishes the smiles of the people he saves. On missions he can be awkward and touch things he shouldn't, but he has progressed greatly since first coming to live with the rest of the Crystal Gems. More often than not, his presence ends up being what tips the scales in the Gems' favor.

He loves and looks up to his father, with whom he has a strong relationship. He is constantly confronted with absence of his mother, either by his own thoughts or by someone else bringing her up. At one point, he sings, "I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown." He feels intense pressure to fill the void left by Rose Quartz, but his own personality is strong enough that even when trying to emulate his mother, he does it in his own way. His powers are all linked to his emotional state in one way or another, and as they appear he has been learning how to use them with intention instead of by accident.

Steven feels his failures deeply, but he doesn't become disheartened. The confidence he has in himself and his friends prevent that from happening. Even when all seems bleak, he remains sure that the Crystal Gems can handle it. He's been dealt some blows recently, and is definitely still recovering emotionally from his recent experiences, but he has the support he needs to heal.

Gem: Steven was born with his gem, a rose quartz.
Power Considerations:
1. Bubble - Steven is able to create a durable protective bubble around himself or others. He can modify this bubble to include spikes. Forming the bubble requires that Steven feels strongly that someone needs protecting. It can be consciously summoned or suddenly appear when needed.

2. Heal - Steven is able to heal gem and human using his spit. He must be confident and believe in himself to be able to accomplish this, and it isn't uncommon that he loses this power from time to time. It is unknown if this power works on inanimate objects.

3. Dream - Steven can enter the dreams of gems and humans. This is less of an intentional power, Steven usually finds himself inadvertently in the dreams of others. This occurs when he is thinking and feeling intensely about a person or situation. He is able to intentionally enter the dream of another, though he seldom exercises that power.

Extra: I got nothin'.

Writing Sample: Steven and Link